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Hello and thank you for being here! I am now offering some live yoga and dance classes in the Comox Valley BC.

These guided movement practices are for holistic wellness and healing. They will invite you to flow in greater lightness, heart coherence, and wholeness - in resonance with the natural world.

When we drop into our body and senses to connect with the wilderness within and around us, we can become aware of our inherent interconnectedness and belonging. We can deepen our relationship with nature by appreciating and embodying the qualities of; earth, water, fire, air and space. This reciprocal relationship invites us to experience more balance, harmony and an expanded sense of self.

Joanna Macy of the "Work that Recconnects' expresses that an expanded sense of self, leads to sustained and resilient action on behalf of life and our planet.

Please join me in the practice of embodying your ecological self, flowing with the energy and current of life rather than against it, to experience your true nature!


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These practices draw on somatic yoga, therapeutic dance, craniosacral wisdom, somatic psychology and nature based practices.

At the heart of the practice are techniques for re-balancing and regulating your nervous system, movement patterning to eliminate chronic muscle pain and improve mobility and physical comfort, and lastly gentle guidance for deepening an embodied connection to self and nature. 

Each session focusses on supporting you to open up the channels of your body, to allow life force energy to flow freely. Through presence, movement, stillness, and embodying perceptual qualities that orient towards health - constrictions and stagnancy can release and you can more easily tap into the inherent resevoir of ease, peace, and abundant vitality within.

We are living in a time when yang culture is predominant; that of constant action, doing, over-riding our systems needs and distraction. As the division and intensity of our world escalates - and stress, burnout and illness become more prevalent - more than ever we need practices to help us remember and respect our bodies our inner ecosystems, for in doing so we are more inclined to protect our planets ecosystems, to restore balance, diversity, flow and resilience.

Throughout time, many ancient cultures have cultivated a healing & reverential relationship between ritual movement, music, arts, prayer and the natural world and elements. Through this respectful relationship with our earth, comes enhanced health and wellness and hope for a regenerative new way of living and being.

Our nature bodies can be our wisest allies and guides. When we listen and honour them, their natural impulses and expressions, we can move beyond restrictive, personal and social constraints and conditions that can keep up small and contracted. And claim our birthright to freedom, inherent health, wellness and deep peace. 

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